FormQ is different.

FormQ takes data gathering in a new direction. We've taken the key features of an industry leading form builder and combined it with geo-tagging, access control, feed management... and most importantly our industry leading visual forms.

User-friendly, yet powerful

Designed for beginners but packed with advanced features, experts will love their work environment. Simply start and discover our professional solutions at your own pace.

Peace of mind

Stay focused on making elegant and intuitive data solutions and let us manage your infrastructure that is always running, monitored and scalable on demand with the power of the cloud.

Experts ready to help

Your productivity is our priority. FormQ has a team of experts who are ready to advise you.

Form Manager

A smarter way to deploy and manage your forms, metadata and access control.

Backup and manage the results associated with your forms and results.

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Feed Manager

An innovative way to manage the flow of data, merge data results and decide what is public, private or shared with your team.

FormQ makes it easy to merge forms (inc. nested data!) without diving into complex code. We urge you to check out other solutions; very few solutions do this well!

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Our apps are awesome!

All the tools your need to build awesome apps!

We've created a unique way to build user-friendly apps that are so much more than the typical 2D Apps that are offered by other eco-systems. Don't just take our word for it, give our FormQ Pro app a test drive!

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